Business & Intellectual Property Law

Business & Intellectual Property Law

We offer an array of civil litigation and transactional legal services.

Business Services

Wolk & Levine, LLP is a full-service business law firm providing assistance with formation, hiring of employees, intellectual property registration, negotiating and drafting contracts, business valuation and sales, franchising, and dispute resolution.

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Corporate Maintenance:

California law requires all corporations to maintain certain records and file specific documents periodically with the Secretary of State to remain in good standing. Failing to meet these obligations may result in the loss of personal asset protection of the corporation’s directors and shareholders. Wolk & Levine, LLP prepares and keeps the necessary minutes of meetings, resolutions of the Board of Directors, Statements of Information, and more to avoid potential corporate suspension or personal liability.


If you’re conducting business with another party, you may already have a partner. Reducing your relationship to writing is a safe and smart way to create a clear division of duties, ownership, and profits to avoid future disputes. If you are conducting business, and sharing profits, with another person, you may be jointly and severably liable for their actions as well as the actions of the partnership entity. Having a written partnership agreement can not only define the rights and responsibilities of each partner, it can also limit the liability of certain partners in specific situations.


Running a charity is an admirable and rewarding venture that benefits individuals and society as a whole. But, to maintain nonprofit status, you must comply with strict legal mandates. Wolk & Levine assist in the formation, application for tax exempt status, and company maintenance of all types of nonprofit entities including mutual benefit corporations and 501(c)(3) nonprofit corporations.

Contracts and Negotiation:

Very few types of agreements are legally required to be in writing. We memorialize our agreements in written contracts because we want to preserve the understanding of the parties, an understanding that may change over time or be affected by the circumstances of the relationship. In essence, written agreements act as a safety-net in the event of a worst-case scenario. Because of that, our attorneys will negotiate on your behalf and work to draft the most favorable agreement for your position, always keeping in mind how the contract will hold up in the event of a complete break-down of the relationship.

From business deals to assignments to pet custody and arbitration agreements, we will listen to what you want in the contract and draft a contract to fit your needs. If you are starting a business with a corresponding website, you will need various disclaimers and will need to be in compliance with legal privacy standards. Wolk & Levine, LLP can draft privacy policies and provide suggestions on how to inform your clients and viewers of your policies and disclaimers.

In addition to contract drafting and negotiation services, Wolk & Levine, LLP can also review existing contracts and those written by a third party. Are you a writer? Are you in the entertainment industry? For a minimal retainer, we will review your contracts and provide suggestions to ensure that your rights are properly protected.

Securities and Investments:

The Wolk & Levine, LLP securites practice is focused on investments and corporate finance for new business ventures, privately held companies and entertainment projects. Our attorneys have experience with the preparation and registration of all forms of business entities as well as the various options available for raising capital through private placement memorandums and registered public offerings.

Choosing the right structure and type of offering will depend on the nature of your business, your target investors, and the long-terms goals of your company. Allow our firm to act as your advisor as you navigate the state and federal regulations associated with raising money so that you can focus on continuing to grow and expand your business.

In addition to corporate finance services, Wolk & Levine, LLP also offers a number of complementary services to benefit your company, including equipment leasing and financing, intellectual property registration and licensing, and the structuring and implementation of partnerships, joint ventures, and mergers.

Real Estate:

Most businesses encounter issues with real estate at some point in their operation. Even businesses that operate primarily online need a place for their equipment, their inventory, or their personnel. Wolk & Levine, LLP has experience with real estate transactions including buy-sell agreements, commercial and short-term leases, wrap-around and loan assumption deals, warehousing and storage matters, and litigation.

Whether you are in the midst of a dispute, or just need assistance with negotiations or a review of documents, our attorneys can guide you through the process.

Wolk & Levine, LLP is a full-service business law firm.

Business Services Law

Assistance with formation, hiring of employees, intellectual property registration, negotiating and drafting contracts, business valuation and sales, franchising, and dispute resolution.

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