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Homeowners Association

Property belonging to a community or development that is governed by a homeowners’ association (HOA) inhabits a unique legal landscape. Driven by service and results, our attorneys use their extensive knowledge of this landscape to successfully represent the interests of HOAs and their members in a variety of matters.

Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR)

Many disputes with HOA members cannot be resolved through an HOA’s own mechanisms and procedures. In such cases, alternative dispute resolution (“ADR”) can be an effective and efficient method of avoiding litigation and resolving a dispute. Our attorneys have the skills and experience necessary to achieve the most favorable results for our clients.

Amendment and Enforcement of CC&Rs

The Covenants, Conditions, Restrictions & Reservation of Easements (CC&Rs) contained in an HOA’s governing documents are binding on all HOA members and are critical to protecting their interests. We assist our clients in taking the steps required to amend and update their CC&Rs, ensure fair enforcement against all owners, and work to address any violations of an HOA’s governing documents.


While many disputes impacting HOAs and their members can be resolved without judicial intervention, sometimes litigation becomes necessary. When it does, we provide our clients with zealous and effective representation. From initial case evaluation, to settlement negotiation, to trial, we devote personalized attention to our clients’ needs and represent their interests with drive and commitment. Our attorneys have litigated cases on behalf of HOAs and their members.

Record Requests

An HOA is required to maintain various records and items of information in the course of its operation. It is common for HOA members to request copies of such records and information, especially when a dispute arises between an HOA and its members. We work to provide our clients with an understanding of the HOA’s responsibilities in responding to these requests, while also striving to protect against wrongful disclosure of sensitive, confidential, or privileged information.

We can help with your transactional and litigation HOA issues!

Homeowners Association Law

Alternative Dispute Resolution; Record requests; Corporate governance; Review/revision of governing documents; Enforcement of Covenants, Conditions, and Restrictions; and other common interest development-related legal services.

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