Business & Intellectual Property Law

Business & Intellectual Property Law

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With offices in Glendale, California, Wolk & Levine, LLP is conveniently located for all of your entertainment law needs. Our attorneys are familiar with the transactional tasks that are associated with various projects and can guide you through the negotiation and preparation of the documents and contracts necessary for financing, intellectual property clearance, registration, and licensing.

Wolk & Levine, LLP handles all aspects of entertainment and media, including television and motion picture, video games and virtual worlds, branded entertainment and promotional products, music, publishing, and advertising.

Fashion and Apparel:

Your designs deserve protection from others making the same or similar designs that may unfairly compete with your business. Wolk & Levine, LLP will file your trademarks, copyrights and prepare licensing agreements that will help prevent your competitors and business affiliates from taking advantage of your hard work and artistic ingenuity. We will also assist in enforcing your rights by registering your trademarks with customs and locating potential infringers. Likewise, our experienced attorneys can perform the appropriate clearance searches and research to give you the peace of mind that your creations are not infringing on others’ rights.

Another imperative aspect of a successful apparel and fashion business is selling your products! Depending on your company, you may engage in retail sales at a physical location, online sales, or distribution arrangements with other companies and individuals. Memorializing your agreements with the parties engaging in these arrangements with you in customized written contracts will avoid misunderstandings and future disputes with people that do not have your best interests in mind.

Other agreements relevant in most businesses, including those in the apparel and fashion industry, include contracts with vendors, employees, independent contractors, partners, and investors. Wolk & Levine, LLP will draft or review all of these agreements for you with the goal of negotiating a reasonable and beneficial deal. Although written contracts help avoid disputes, we know that unfortunate situations still occur when parties disagree. Should such a situation arise, we will communicate with any opposing parties, try and achieve an informal resolution, and if necessary, represent you in court.

Protecting Entertainers Rights and Careers:

Glamour, fame, and fortune are what usually come to mind when thinking of the entertainment industry. An important aspect of all artists’ careers is ensuring their artistic and financial interests are well protected. Located in The Entertainment Capital of the World, Los Angeles, Wolk & Levine, LLP understands that it takes creativity, persistence, hard work, and talent to make it in the entertainment industry. This is why we strive for and value the protection of creative rights. The entertainment industry has special and, often very delicate, economic and business considerations involving many areas of law.

We have experience representing a wide range of professionals including actors, musicians, visual effects companies, artists, and yes, even puppeteers. With the technological and legal changes affecting the entertainment industry, traditional entertainment legal issues have greatly expanded. Our team takes can help you handle legal issues and disputes relating to contract negotiations, licensing, and entertainment agreements, copyright, trademark, and more.

Performance Contracts:

Agreements relevant in the entertainment industry often include contracts between artists and performance venues. Having a performance contract in place will help ensure and minimize the risk of musical disaster. Misunderstandings about payment, arrival time, location, length of performance are not uncommon. Our team of business savvy lawyers provides carefully reviewed and drafted performance contracts to ensure you are protected in the event of inadequate staging or accommodation, breach of contract, including failure to perform and failure to pay. Some other important considerations may include permits, licenses, and even insurance and security. We work with our clients to carefully examine which clauses apply to their unique situation.


In the event disputes arise, it is important to understand the many steps involved in between filing a complaint and going to trial. It is equally as important to be prepared as early as possible to prevent additional costs and disruption to an entertainer’s life and career. If litigation is necessary, our team at Wolk & Levine, LLP will work with you confidently and diligently. Protecting artistic interest is a critical component of an entertainer’s success. Accordingly, we strive and achieve resolutions arising from an array of entertainment industries.

We take entertainment law seriously.


We handle all aspects of entertainment and media, including television and motion picture, video games and virtual worlds, branded entertainment and promotional products, music, publishing, and advertising.

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